It must always be fast and easy

Good things take time. But let us spend that time instead of you. We have spent the time required to make it easy for you to make a photobook in as little as 10 minutes.

Experience your happiest memories again and again

Having a photo book on your coffee table makes a world of difference compared to sharing photos on Facebook.

Only the Best Quality

Given your photos are of high enough resolution, they are printed in very high resolution and looks great in your hands. Most photos even taken from a smartphone looks amazing in your new photo book.

Who We Are

We are family people. These products are for everyone who wants another chance to appreciate their memories, but I think having photos of your children and grand children is a great joy, especially when the real thing is out of reach.


Senior Developer

Full stack developer specialized in React. Working on the next generation web and mobile frontends for Myra Cloud.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Overall responsible for marketing of Myra Prints, including social media, influencers, ad optimization and more.


Founder and Product Enthusiast

Father of Myra, Full stack developer, cloud architect and specialist in scalability and performance


Junior Developer

React developer. Primarily working on admin “backend” systems for order fulfilment etc



Generous UI and UX designer, working on making sure the photobook designer is as user friendly as possible.



React developer responsible for implementing improvements for the photobook designer

Quy or "Kaj"


Xamarin app developer working on the Myra Cloud mobile app



Website designer and developer, making custom and creative websites and also implements them on WordPress. Made this website.